Poplar Oven Rack Pull

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Poplar Oven Rack Pull

Use your Oven Rack Pull to help protect yourself from burns in the kitchen. The Oven Rack Pull is used to pull your oven rack out and to push it closed. Very convenient when your testing a pie or basting a turkey.

These Oven Rack Pulls are made from Poplar. Poplar as you can see from the pictures varies in color. The color can be anything from a cream color to brown or even a dark green.

I have cut a hole at the top of the oven pull so you are able to tie a piece of leather around it so it can be hung from a hook near your oven.

I do not put a finish on the Oven Rack Pulls. Finishes applied to a product leave a film which under extreme heat can soften and flake off and with the oven pulls can possibly stick to the oven rack itself.

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