Oak Wooden Kitchen Alphabet Trivet

Our Perfect Pantry

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In Shirley's Workshop these trivets are handmade with at least 2 of every letter ready to ship immediately. If you need more, they are quick to make and will be shipped upon completion. The trivets measure 5 7/8 square and are 3/8 inch thick. I have found that if you put an extremely hot pot or casserole on a trivet with a finish on it it could damage the pot so I do not put any type of finish on these trivets.

I have any letter of the alphabet ready to cut. Please contact me if you would like to see a specific letter prior to ordering. Also when you order be sure to contact me to let me know which letter you you are ordering.

If I need to get to work in Shirley's Workshop to make your order, shipping may take a few days, so please allow me time to complete the trivets.

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