I've been on a burger kick lately!

Shirley Kern

The other day I had to to go for a check up as a followup up after my kidney infection.  That went fine, I just have to get another CT Scan. After the appointment Jesse wanted to take me out for a burger.  There was a Bob Evans near where we were so we decided to try it.  I'm sorry but the burger tasted like meatloaf with too much filler in it. To me burgers are simply made with ground beef and seasoned with salt and pepper.  Filler is for meatloaf!  I have found that Ruby Tuesday has one of...

Switching to Shopify

Shirley Kern

I have been using Wix as our Our Perfect Pantry's website host.  My 1 year anniversary has come up and it was time to decide whether I wanted to stay with them or try a different host. I was looking for a host that was reasonably priced, easy to use and offered a variety of features to build a site that you will be able to navigate around easily. I set up our, Shirley's Workshop site with Shopify.  I have been very happy with them and finally chose to switch Our Perfect Pantry's site over to Shopify.  I started switching...